Household Law – Maternity Leave in Texas And Paternity Leave in Texas

If you fall pregnant whilst at you are working, there is a law that secures you and supplies you with some fundamental rights. These rights are that; you must not be fired from your task since you are pregnant, your task ought to be a safe for when you wish to go back to work, you deserve to maternity pay and to time off for ante natal care. If your company cannot adhere to any of these laws, you will deserve to take legal action versus them.


If you get fired from your task for being pregnant or having a child, it is classified as an unjust termination. You might even experience other kinds of discrimination which are utilised to attempt and require you to leave your task, this might consist of; altering your hours without consulting your very first, being offered work which disagrees for you, being unjustly evaluated in personnel reports and not being enabled time off for ante natal visits.

Being a mom offers you the legal right to have time off for maternity leave in Texas. There is a fundamental statutory quantity which is set by the federal government and some companies have their own business plans which can vary and be more generous than the statutory quantity.


If you fit particular specs, for instance you have actually worked for your company for a minimum of 26 weeks prior to getting pregnant; you might be entitled to statutory maternity pay. Statutory maternity pay is set at 90% of your typical pay and is payable for 6 weeks. After this time it will be minimised to 124.80 for the rest of the maternity duration up till 33 weeks. If you do not receive statutory maternity pay, you might be entitled to state maternity allowance.

Anticipating dads are likewise entitled to some paternity advantages. A dad is entitled to 2 weeks statutory paternity leave supplying that they notify their company prior to the 15th week prior to their kid is due.


Statutory maternity leave in Texas is set at 52 weeks. 26 weeks of this is Ordinary Maternity Leave and the other 26 is Extra Maternity leave. 39 weeks of maternity leave must be paid. Throughout this duration the mom’s task need to be kept open and her agreement of work ought to continue in spite of the reality that she is not there. If you are pregnant, you have to notify your company prior to the 15th week prior to the child is due that you are pregnant and are preparing to take maternity leave. You must likewise notify your company of the date where you would like your maternity delegate begin. As long as you follow this treatment, you will be entitled to maternity leave despite the length of time you have actually worked for your company or the quantity of hours that you work.

Dads will likewise be entitled to statutory paternity spend for the period of their leave, this is set at 90% of their weekly revenues or 124.80, whichever quantity is lower. Daddies are not lawfully entitled to at any time off for ante natal care, nevertheless some specific companies might make exceptions for this.


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